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At SCDRC, we are proud to offer many comprehensive services

If there is a service you find yourself in search of, and you do not see it listed, please feel free to call us and see if we can’t help you find what you’re looking for


Initial Consultation

If you are feeling like yourself or a loved one may have an issue with their ability to communicate, we offer informal, free of charge consultations regarding all of our areas of intervention in order to identify if further treatment is needed.

For our consultations, we will discuss any concerns you are having about you or a loved one. We will ask questions that will give us the information we need to determine if there is a need for further investigation. We will also administer free consultations as a way to stay up to date with out patients.  Therefore, if you are currently receiving treatment from us, and any new issues or concerns arise, we are here to listen.

If you are having concerns about your speech, or the speech wellness of a loved one, please call us so we can work together to decide the next step.



If you are feeling like yourself or a loved one may have an issue with their speech wellness, we offer informal evaluations in all of our areas of intervention in order to identify if further treatment is required. A screening is similar to a consultation, but during a screening, we administer an informal evaluation directly to the prospective patient. The evaluation will result in a pass or fail grade, and based on the results, we will either begin to develop a personalized course of treatment, or we may decide to administer further formal testing.

Screening is given in 30-minute increments. In that 30 minutes, with a committed, focused, personalized approach, we will use our knowledge and experience to figure out the best next step for you on your path to better communication wellness.

At SCDRC, we always offer free hearing screenings.

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After screening is complete, if it is determined that further intervention is required, an assessment will be administered. A thorough assessment is a process that confirms the proper diagnosis and helps us to decide the best route of intervention on your path to better communication wellness.

An assessment is a personalized, in-depth process of gathering the necessary information that includes an interview of the patient and/or the caregiver, formal and informal assessment procedures, results and interpretation, diagnostic data, a treatment plan of care, and any further recommendations.

Areas of assessment include: oral motor, articulation, and phonology, receptive and expressive language, voice & fluency.

Therapy Session


Once a patient’s personalized assessment is complete, we will develop an individualized treatment plan of care.

This treatment plan will be personalized, and custom-tailored to fit the patient’s individual needs based on the results of the complete assessment.

We provide treatment sessions in 30 to 60-minute increments that can be scheduled at our treatment facility


Parent Education & Advocacy

Through our ever changing website, SCDRC will continue to offer parents resources to better educate them about the condition that their loved one is dealing with, as well as methods and practices to help them work with their loved one’s condition.


We take great pride in our belief that the best way to deal with the conditions we face, is with understanding.  Therefore, the more resources we have to educate ourselves, the better we will understand the particular situation we are faced with. We will continue to search for and share any resources we find, that will help you gain a better understanding about the communication issue you are faced with, so that we can all continue to grow together.


At SCDRC, we care deeply about those, who we have the opportunity to lend our services too. Therefore we also offer our services to parents, who need representation in legal or educational settings, such as public school meetings regarding individual educational plans (IEP).

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Sensory Room Design

Ball Pit

A tranquil and therapeutic environment is a vital part of success to a child who is addressing his or her communication wellness needs.

At SCDRC, we will team up with a designer to figure out a room layout that will best fit your child, so that their treatment process can be as successful as possible. Our room design will include an assessment of colors, space, flow and other design elements that, when in harmony, are proven to create a more comfortable environment for focus.

We also offer this service for the offices of allied professionals in the field of Speech Therapy.


I love getting feedback—both complementary and constructive. As a certified Child Development Consultant, We are proud to have gained the trust of our valued clients. Read on to see what others have said about me.

If you need more information, please get in touch.

‘My son Raj, aged 13, attended S&L sessions at SCDRC from early 2015 for almost four years. He concentrated on many aspects of speech & language with Rajavi over the four years & his vocabulary, grammar & clarity of diction grew as a result. Raj confidence also grew as his vocabulary & ease of communication improved, which is often remarked on by friends & family.

 Therapists are  incredibly enthusiastic, diligent & driven & knew exactly where & when to tap into Raj's weaker areas. they even suggested moving his sessions to his school so that his teacher/resource teacher could join in & as a result we were all aware of his needs as they arose.

I would highly recommend Savi Child Development and Research Centre to other families whose child with Autism may have challenges with aspects of their communication’

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